Monetor was founded in 2005 primarily to develop and advise on services on the electronic monitoring of offenders. Its consultancy services have led to high quality offender monitoring programmes in a number of jurisdictions. It’s experience and impact is unique; encompassing the development and of programmes from New Zealand to England and from Italy to Scotland.

Not all electronic monitoring programmes are the same – in impact and outcome. But good curfew programmes can be highly effective and provide tangible benefits. Monetors aim is to support the development of well-planned and managed programmes, aimed at achieving real and lasting change within sentenced individuals.

Electronic monitoring is a complex business and service. There are many layers to a good worthwhile programme It is all too easy to view EM programmes as being straightforward or fairly simple in operation. The reality is that the best programmes – the ones that deliver the maximum impact – are complex on a number of levels.

Monetor's aim is to advise, guide and support those embarking on delivering this type of service – and to ensure that they get the best out of this challenging but rewarding field.